In early March 2020, as the novel coronavirus raged across the country and civil authorities began forcing brick-and-mortar businesses to shut down indefinitely, Ruberry, Stalmack & Garvey, LLC sprang into action, forming its COVID-19 task force.  Staffed with the most experienced attorneys from our firm's insurance, corporate and commercial litigation practice groups, the task force worked around the clock to help clients navigate the early days of the crisis.  These clients vary in size, location and business pursuits, ranging from small cafes to large restaurant chains, sports teams to commercial real estate ventures, industrial manufacturers to country clubs, dentists to medical associations, and construction companies to flower shops.  

We've attacked the problem on many fronts by:

  • Assisting small businesses in understanding and applying for relief under the CARES Act and the Paycheck Protection Program. 
  • Assessing the viability of claims for COVID-19 losses under a wide variety of insurance coverages, including:

Property insurance offering business interruption (or "business income") and separate "civil authority" coverage.

Restaurant recovery insurance applying when restaurants, bars, pubs, country clubs, and other purveyors of food and drink are forcibly closed due to a contamination event or disease outbreak.

Event cancellation insurance triggered by the cancellation or postponement of sports competitions, concerts, trade shows, conventions, and other special events.

Contingent business interruption insurance covering losses resulting from the disruption of a business' upstream supply chain or downstream customer base.

Product recall insurance covering costs associated with the removal of products handled by one or more persons infected with the novel coronavirus. 

  • Assisting clients in submitting business interruption or other insurance claims arising out of the pandemic, calculating recoverable losses, and responding to insurance adjuster inquiries.
  • Assessing and prosecuting claims against insurance brokers on behalf of commercial clients with insufficient or no business interruption coverage.
  • Commencing and prosecuting breach of contract and declaratory judgment actions aimed at securing insurance coverage for our clients' coronavirus-related losses. 
  • Analyzing holistically our clients' existing insurance programs to identify gaps and to recommend solutions.

As the pandemic subsides and the "new normal" approaches, our work is far from done.  We continue to submit claims and to advocate and litigate energetically for our clients.  We are available 24/7 to field questions about legislative, judicial and marketplace developments.  We are here to help sculpt new and more comprehensive insurance programs for our clients' future protection.  Our objective is straightforward and constant:  to maximize our clients' insurance and non-insurance recoveries so as to soften the financial blow the coronavirus and, more particularly, the resultant shut-down orders, have caused so many.


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We invite you to contact any of the following members of our task force.  They stand ready to assist.

Edward F. Ruberry

Senior Attorney

Phone: 312-466-7222



Rostyslaw J. Smyk

Senior Attorney

Phone: 312-466-7263



James M. Barton

Lead Attorney

Phone: 312-466-7232