Professional Liability

Ruberry, Stalmack & Garvey, LLC has been at the forefront of advising and representing professional liability insurers in matters all across the country. We have litigated a wide spectrum of coverage issues which arise under professional liability policies, including: trigger of claims- made/claims-made-and-reported policies, application of prior-knowledge and prior-notice provisions, prior-loss issues, application of the definition of a "wrongful act," recission based upon prior knowledge of wrongful acts, application of related acts provisions, and the "illegal profits" exclusion.

Our experience in these areas allows our attorneys to utilize targeted discovery designed to obtain information directly relevant to the coverage issue. This strategy has allowed us to successfully move for summary judgment on numerous occasions and, thus, resolve the coverage issues in favor of the carrier in a cost-effective manner. In matters where the coverage determination depends upon resolution of factual questions, our trial team has extensive experience in posturing these issues before a judge or jury in order to obtain a successful resolution for our clients. Our attorneys are equally adept at providing opinions with respect to insurers' coverage obligations under professional liability policies.

We have also represented insured professional organizations against liability claims. We recognize the importance of a professional's reputation and the potential adverse impact that even baseless litigation can have. We work closely with our professional clients to dispel the common misperception that professionals are absolute guarantors of good results. Our clientele includes: accountants, actuaries, agents, appraisers, architects, attorneys, bankers, brokers, directors, engineers and officers.

Together, we have developed successful strategies to persuade juries to evaluate professional conduct by more reasonable standards. Moreover, our group is at the forefront of advocating novel theories on behalf of professional defendants, including extending the Economic Loss Doctrine as a defense to tort claims and limiting the basis for, and extent of, punitive damages awards.


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