Toxic/Mass Tort Litigation

Our trial defense group is one of the finest in Illinois, as confirmed by statistics maintained by the Illinois Jury Verdict Reporters. Consequently, plaintiffs' lawyers are aware of our reputation and we are routinely able to negotiate either voluntary dismissals of our clients in the early stages of litigation, or highly advantageous settlements. This proves to be a highly beneficial tactic for our clients who have been named as a defendant in mass tort litigation.

In mass tort litigations, plaintiffs' lawyers are notorious for naming a bevy of defendants in hopes of leveraging a global settlement. Using our trial experience, our firm is able to take a zealous approach at the outset of the litigation in order to reverse the plaintiffs' leverage and create a favorable settlement environment for our clients.

We have successfully used this strategy in defending clients against product liability claims involving heavy machinery, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and electronic products. In addition, we have developed expertise in toxic tort litigation involving a wide variety of production processes and chemicals including asbestos, benzene, pesticides, PCBs and dioxin. Further, we have successfully defended our clients in claims arising out of alleged exposure to black mold, lead-containing products, and formaldehyde-treated products.

RSG's resolution-oriented focus begins with our initial review of each case. We stand out among law firms in our attention to early evaluation. Rather than providing a general discussion of the facts and law, our initial analysis of a case will advise of multiple litigation strategies and provide a realistic exposure evaluation with attention to cost/benefit considerations. Our attention to detail continues throughout our handling of each claim. We ensure that our clients are actively kept apprised of all litigation activities, rather than providing them with lengthy and mundane quarterly reports. In short, we take pride in providing the very best defense counsel to each of our clients.


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